Monica Pignotti: Is Boredom Setting In?

Monica Pignotti must be bored. Recently, she posted material about Russian adoptions taken from a website operated by Larry Sarner. Not only did Pignotti add nothing new to this, but she also admits to having parted company with Sarner’s organization in 2010.

Boredom is a possible explanation for this behavior, but there may be others. In any case, hardly what is to be expected from someone who is (self) described as the “Ralph Nader of Psychotherapy!”



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2 responses to “Monica Pignotti: Is Boredom Setting In?

  1. AmosAnderson

    She continues to work with Jean mercer, both leaders of the the long discredited fringe advocacy group, Advocates for Children in Therapy. Their associations with Scientology and Thought Field Therapy are well known. It is interesting to note that mercer is not affiliated with the small school in NJ anymore and Pignotti is no longer with the university.

  2. Poor Monica! She’s what? 55 or 56 years old and finally got an education thirty years later than normal? Either she lacks conviction in her beliefs or she lacks discipline in her personal life, or both. Now, she begins to sound more and more like a gadfly. Sad!

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