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Monica Pignotti: Is Boredom Setting In?

Monica Pignotti must be bored. Recently, she posted material about Russian adoptions taken from a website operated by Larry Sarner. Not only did Pignotti add nothing new to this, but she also admits to having parted company with Sarner’s organization in 2010.

Boredom is a possible explanation for this behavior, but there may be others. In any case, hardly what is to be expected from someone who is (self) described as the “Ralph Nader of Psychotherapy!”


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Monica Pignotti: Lots of Posting. Little Activism.

Monica Pignotti has already exceeded her record for Internet posts in April, and it is only the 6th of April.

There’s no telling what May will bring…

Monica Pignotti does a lot of talking about her advocacy work.

Where, please, it is it exactly?

Once a staunch supporter of the Larry Sarner and Linda Rosa “we funded it with voting machine money” crowd, Pignotti seems to be on her own again.

Apart from self-serving blogs, it is hard to tell what she is doing.

Can anyone show us a child she has helped?



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